Another Flamenco Festival

I am sitting in the Tabanco el Pasaje towards the end of the XXII Flamenco Festival. I have just been to a choir practise – I sing in the Cathedral Choir and this year the Flamenco Festival is very close to Easter, so in two weeks time the choir will be in full throttle singing its way through the Semana Santa services. It also grieved me to give away my ticket to the Daniel Doña show in the Teatro Villamarta, but Luis Vargas my singing teacher is singing in the Guarida del Angel and I really must go and support him. Fortunately a friend of mine from Ireland and attends the courses in the Escuela de Baile courses in London is doing ‘off’ classes and could go in my place. Tickets to the Teatro Villamarta shows are included in the price of the Festival classes.

I have said that I wouldn’t do the Festival Classes this year and last week it nearly killed me. I had my normal classes – which include one and half hours of Alegrías with bata de cola taken by Marta de Troya, an hour of Solea por Bulerias with Vicki Ramos and and hour of ballet and an hour of an exam class preparing for the Spanish Dance Society exams. I had a bata de cola class with Ana Morales – a wonderful teacher from Seville who was teaching us a lovely choreography to Tangos de Titi. I have also been moving house. Unfortunately I had also damaged my ankle in a ballet class and my class in Beatriz Morales studio is performing in a show at the Guarida del Angel, so we’ve had rehearsals in the mornings as well. I must confess that all this nearly led to me having a breakdown I reckon.

This week I am in a class with the up and coming fiery Eduardo Guerrero from Cádiz who is doing a wonderful Alegriás. I particularly wanted to do that choreography with him since the Alegriás comes from Cádiz and there is something extra that the dancers from Cádiz bring. Edu is an extraordinary dancer. He has been dancing with Rocío Molina who has some exceptionally innovative shows and he has picked up some very innovative movements. They are are strikingly angular – not exactly contemporary and work well with traditional flamenco I feel. I love them, although I suspect that traditionalists might not. They would not suit everyone.

PS I survived all this, but found that I have had chronic bronchitis and ended up in hospital on a ventilator which wasn’t good at all. No wonder I felt so awful. I was definitely trying to do too much this time.

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